Welcome to Creative Pen Kits

Creative Pen Kits UK is your online store for the supply of quality yet affordable pen kits.  We sell fountain pen kits, rollerball pen kits, ballpoint pen kits, along with bushings, pen blanks and other accessories.  We are here to serve the pen making and wood turning communities as a UK based resource for a wide range of pen kits and accessories.

Pen turning is an enjoyable and rewarding past time, and the final product can obtain a good resell price if you wish to make some profit from your work.  There are a wide range of pen kits available, offering something to suit everyone's taste and budget.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need any further advice with your pen turning requirements.

We supply a range of beautiful wood pen blanks, and we will be including a range of colourful acrylic pen blanks shortly.  Keep checking back as we grow our catalogue of pen kits.